Please note that our books, “Feel’n’See Screenshots for iOS10”, are no longer available. We thank everyone who purchased them, and previous editions, over the past number of years.


Eyes-Free Academy: Online Multimedia Courses in Eyes-Free iOS Learning and Teaching
The iHabilitation Methodology in Practice!

The Eyes-Free Academy of iHabilitation Canada is thrilled to announce the launch of our first free beta course: iPhone Eyes-Free – Mind’s Eye Navigation on an iPhone Touch-Screen.

This introductory iPhone Eyes-Free course is inclusively designed to provide visual, audio, and print/text descriptions to assist you in learning how to navigate an iPhone using Voiceover without having to physically see it. The course comprises six sections: introduction, lessons, and summary. Each section is presented in both audio-visual and text-only formats.

We welcome any feedback you may wish to provide. We really do want to know what you think, so please, go to ihabilitation.thinkific.com, sign up/sign in and let us know!

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Tom and Trusty Hound Abe
Tom and Trusty Hound Abe

Our Vision

iHabilitation Canada envisions a world where inclusive design levels the visual playing field for Apple touch-screen users, regardless of their ability to see or read.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide inclusively designed tactile/audio/visual products and services that facilitate touch-screen learning and teaching for people with vision or reading disabilities, their supporters and colleagues, and to demonstrate how this inclusive vision improves access to information, service providers and social networks that are working to improve quality of life world-wide.

More About iHabilitation

Our main objective is to promote iHabilitation as a new and distinct discipline – an augmentation of traditional habilitation and rehabilitation practice. For the first time in history, universal accessibility and inclusive design principles have become core components in a full line of mass-marketed products. This means that the potential for leveling the playing field is enormous! In fact, many mobile technology manufacturers are working hard to equal or surpass the accessibility standard already firmly established by Apple. But competition is a good thing, so it may not be long before the “i” in iHabilitation may need a broader definition – something more than a reference to Apple iDevices.

Habilitation itself is simply the ability to adapt to a new habitat in order to function independently within it. Learning to walk, talk, or read; organizing your first apartment; learning a new neighbourhood; or making best use of modern technology – all these are examples of habilitation.

Nowadays we often “habilitate” by taking advantage of online resources created by others who may be on a similar journey. As a result, the peer support community is constantly expanding, online as well as “on land”. The sum of this activity inevitably results in the formation of support groups where people can connect to get help and share what they know.

The intent of this site is to present what we are sure is an interesting mix of applied technology demonstrations and personal testimonials to serve as inspiration for others to start exploring the possibilities. The ultimate objective is to put a fun and sociable spin on mastering independent living skills. We are each good at doing various things, so let’s share what we know as we help others along the way, each striving to achieve his/her own personal version of iHabilitation.

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