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Blog Post #2 for 2017

Hello all!

Well, I guess it’s a good thing that we didn’t promise a weekly blog eh, given it has now been ten days since the first one. But amidst dealing with cold and flu viruses, we’ve managed to make some progress. Ken has installed ScreenFlow Recorder on his Mac, and our Logitech C920 camera arrived and got installed yesterday. Yay! We did some testing and yep, it works just the way we were hoping. One area of the screen can now show a hand navigating and gesturing on the iPhone, while another mirrors the iPhone screen itself. For audio, it simultaneously records the instructor’s voice and the iPhone screen-reader voice. So now, it’s just a matter of planning, storyboarding and rehearsing the content and then letting the recorder roll. Finally, the content will be dragged and dropped into the Thinkific learning management system, and there it’ll be, ready to go.

We have also had further conversations with Thinkific this week, where we’ve made them aware of a few minor accessibility issues, along with suggestions for making the platform even more screen-reader friendly than it already is. So it’s sure great to see these things moving forward in such a positive way.

The main administration job this week was to sort and update a rather large number of Email contacts in preparation for automation of our outreach and promotion processes. However, we’ve decided that the initial focus needs to be more on developing a course or two. Otherwise, there isn’t anything to promote. And after all, prioritizing effectively is part of the learning experience.

We were also busier than usual last week because we had an extra appearance on “Kelly and Company” on Friday, which meant the production of two more app walkthroughs, since we generally do two during each appearance. But it’s fun to do them and it’s getting us national exposure, so when we’re ready to launch the first couple of courses, people will have heard the walkthroughs on AMI or on our Soundcloud feed.

As for good old Woofman and his World Music show, we’ll soon be switching from doing a pre-recorded show as we begin to use the very cool voice tracking system that’s part of the Mushroom FM automated radio station. BTW, for those who don’t know, Mushroom FM has been completely built and operated through the cooperative efforts of blind techies and DJ’s located around the world. So, even though it’s a strictly volunteer and hobbyish sort of thing, well, being part of it tends to make one feel a bit entrepreneurial in and of itself. The busier you get with one thing makes you more inclined to get busy with others.

We are also scheduled to participate in several Thinkific webinars during January, which will give us lots of homework to do. And aside from that comes a seemingly endless supply of valuable resources from the Ultimate Course Formula website. That’s how we found out about this nifty little camera.

Another little project will involve sorting out a rather “interesting” collection of Youtube accounts and channels experimentally created over the last few years. Once that’s done, we’ll have a nice new place to start sharing samples of what you can expect to see in course content.So we hope you’ll stay tuned for the announcements that will be forthcoming as we get this content coming down the pipe. The first project will evolve around the topic “iPhone Eyes-Free For Anyone”, and will be a perfect example of “the blind leading the sighted” in developing a skill set that’s just plain cool! You know what they say: “Feeling is believing!” Thanks for reading, and feel…er…see you next time!

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