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Blog Post #3 for 2017

Well, so much for a blog posting every week. It’s almost March! Unfortunately, matters haven’t been much helped by the fact that we couldn’t shake our flu viruses until the first week of February. Truly nasty and debilitating business!

But now, we’re up to speed having made great progress on several issues listed in the last update.

Our first “iPhone Eyes-Free” promotional video is now ready to go. We presented it to the “Thinkific Studio” group and got some great feedback. Ken made the suggested modifications and now, it’s great! And yes, the situation involving multiple YouTube channels has been all sorted out and a fresh new channel is waiting for content now being developed.

During January, we participated in Thinkific’s five-part JumpStart webinar series which provided us with all sorts of helpful information and encouragement. Plus, the “Thinkific Studio” group on Facebook has definitely proven to be an extremely supportive community.

And yes, we have managed to purge and update what used to be a rather monstrous and unwieldy mailing list. But we’ve learned that various activities on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter also need to be undertaken to make the outreach process truly comprehensive.

We’ve also learned that we need to incorporate something called a lead magnet (i.e., a landing page), which allows social media contacts to subscribe to the “Eyes-Free Community”, receive updates, little bonus gifts, etc.

Another reason for our increased productivity has to do with the implementation of Office 365 with its impressive level of accessibility across all our hardware. It makes collaboration a snap. Along with that, I now have the Vario Ultra braille display switching effortlessly between Windows, iPhone and Mac, which renders quick and efficient editing an absolutely joyful breeze.

Amidst all this activity, the Woofman (yours truly) has felt it necessary to take a bit of a break from presenting his weekly “Woofman’s World Music” show on Mushroom FM. Learning the voice-tracking system has been pushed slightly in the direction of the back burner and will probably stay there until at least one Thinkific course has been successfully published. But never fear, world music fans, the show will return!

Meanwhile, the iHabilitation Man continues his weekly appearances on the AMI audio channel’s “Kelly and Company” show, with Quick App Walk-Throughs, and discussion around the growing Eyes-Free online community. The segment is aired on Tuesdays just after 4:30, 6:30 or 11:30 PM (all Eastern Time), with a fourth airing on Wednesday morning at 5:30 AM, so there are plenty of chances to tune in. And if that doesn’t work, you can check it all out on SoundCloud.

Anyway, that’s pretty much the latest news from iHabilitation Canada. We feel happy with the way things are moving along. Slow but steady progress is a good thing, and we’re definitely learning a lot as we go. A lot of this takes place through the connections we have formed with other vision-impaired entrepreneurs who are busily raising awareness about the importance of inclusively designed online entrepreneurial resources. We expect more announcements in this regard, which we’ll be glad to share soon. So, stay tuned and watch your Email. If you want to be sure that we have your Email address, just drop a message via the contact link. We’ll be glad to get back to you.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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