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Convention-Bound and Summer Update

It’s been a busy time here at iHabilitation Canada, though you certainly couldn’t measure that by counting blog updates! We have certainly got our book production process to the point where no paper is wasted. As a result, several Fedora Outlier students who purchased the AccessTouch tactile diagram option have found it very useful.

Tactile diagram of the iPhone home screen
Tactile diagram of the iPhone home screen

This was certainly encouraging, given that our iOS8 iPad-only/braille-only book, iFeelaGrams, available at National Braille Press, didn’t sell as well as we’d hoped, although we clearly understand why. It took longer than expected to get the production process together, and who wants to buy a book in March or April with a new version of the operating system arriving in September?

But no matter! In preparation for the next round, we’re just waiting to pounce on the first public iOS9 beta, so we can edit accordingly and have a generic iOS9 book all ready for Apple launch day.

Right now, we are preparing to head to the American Council of the Blind convention in Dallas, equipped with a cool new iFeelaGrams brochure. It has several diagram examples, complete with instructions on how they can be used to increase screen navigation proficiency. The whole time at ACB is going to make for a fantastic networking opportunity. And of course, you can find our brochures at the National Federation of the Blind convention, too.

We have spent a lot of time lately working to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset. At the end of May, Tom began participating in the EntreActive program – a 24-week experience offered through Business Victoria, and funded federally by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The program covers such areas as task and time management, market research, mastering the 30-second “elevator pitch”, and much more. The objective is to create a comprehensive business plan and includes the opportunity to network with quite a range of workshop presenters and real-live investors. It’s interesting to note that 75% of small businesses on southern Vancouver Island have under five employees – a great environment in which to be learning!

The EntreActive workshop presenters and mentors always stress the importance of logging, and blogging, and generally Writing Things Down! Thanks to a particularly user-friendly and 100% accessible iOS/OSX app called OmniFocus, our task management system is organized as never before. It is all just too cool! We’ll speak more about that in another entry that we firmly promise to post soon after our return from convention. There! It’s entered in OmniFocus with a due date around the middle of July! Keep having a great summer! And if you see this while at convention, by all means, please get in touch.

Tom Dekker (@ihabilitation) and Ken Sudhues (@talldeepvoice)
The iHabilitation guys

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