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TactileView 2.20 + Duxbury 11.3 = Better/Faster Book Production!

iHabilitation is thrilled that has just released the latest version of its TactileView tactile graphics software that can now be incorporated into the newest version of Duxbury Braille Translation documents. (TactileView software is available in North America through

All this tech-speak means that our book production process has just been considerably streamlined and simplified.

By the way, our next book, to be released in conjunction with Apple’s iOS9 this Fall, will include large text AND braille, so all users will benefit – blind, low vision, and sighted alike.

Thanks to Jaap Breider and his Thinkable team in Amsterdam for allowing us to beta test TactileView through several iterations over the past year and for being so receptive to our suggestions for tweaks and changes.

Thanks also to National Braille Press for their guidance and suggestions regarding content and marketing!

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