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Year end/New year

Welcome, and all the best for the new year, from the co-founders of iHabilitation Canada, Tom Dekker and Ken Sudhues. We are fortunate to be able to wrap 2015 and start 2016 feeling rather proud and passionate about the latest release of our teaching aid, “Feel’n’See Screenshots for iOS”. It has been inclusively designed to facilitate learning and teaching for and by iOS users who are vision-impaired.

“Feel’n’See Screenshots for iOS9” presents 31 screenshots commonly found in the most frequently used native apps. It is available in three formats:

  • braille, for no-vision;
  • large print (min. 20 point), for low vision;
  • dual mode, braille superimposed over large print, a fully inclusive teaching and learning aid.
  • And for the first time, starting the new year right, we have a reliable production process for a new version of our product, complete with website, where you can learn more about the teaching philosophy incorporated in these Feel’n’See screenshot designs or ask for advice about the format that would best meet your needs.

    Here’s a new promotional video, released on YouTube today, that shows how the book works in conjunction with an iDevice, the philosophy behind it, and the actual production process.

    We will now undertake production of at least 31 new “Feel’n’See” instructional companion videos – one for each screenshot in the book. While that takes place, you can just go to the website and click on “Old iOS8 Companion Videos” to see the 28 videos we produced for our previous product, known as “FeelaGrams for iOS8”. This product was braille-only and didn’t sell particularly well, which is how we learned that we should reintroduce the large print option, as used in the iOS6/7 books sold through National Braille Press. The difference now is that large print and braille are both optional. Choose the format that works best for you!

    We look forward to your feedback about this product as well as your suggestions for future Feel’n’See book titles.

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